About Us

Union Machine started in 1986 in Tacoma, Washington.  We are a CNC shop, with manual back-up.  Our main focus is on hard metals and some plastics.  Our humble beginning was in the aircraft parts industry.  We moved into commercial manufacturing work in 2000.

Phil Turner, the Owner, started as a machinist over 50 years ago.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all types of machining and has worked in every size and kind of machine shop.

As a family run business, we are focused on quality parts produced for every customer, every time.  Our pricing is fair.

We are interested in creating long-term customer relationships.  There are many benefits for both sides when a good working relationship is established.  Machining is a stimulating environment and we very much enjoy our jobs.

We are here to help you with your manufacturing needs and costs.